Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Review: The Zombies of Mesmer by O.M Grey

VampChix is going to start highlighting certain outstanding independent and self-pubbed books once in a while.  With the changes in the publishing world lately, many authors are jumping on the self-publishing bandwagon.  Some have been publishing their own work for years, and others choose to go with small press because they prefer that over the big New York houses.  They don't get a lot of press, and it's hard to get noticed in a literal sea of books and digital releases.  We reviewed MY FRANKENSTEIN by Michael J. Lee at Bite Club a few months ago, and now here's another great read that we think you might be interested in.

THE ZOMBIES OF MESMER: A Nickie Nick Vampire Hunter Novel by O.M. Grey (Blue Moon Press - 4/11 - digital download) is a young adult vampire adventure story with dashes of romance, steampunk, and an extremely likable heroine.  I downloaded the sample to my Kindle, and after reading that, went immediately to order the rest of the story, because I wanted to know what happened next!  Set in Victorian London, the heroine, Nicole Knickerbocker Hawthorne is a smart, modern young woman who wants to do right by her parents, and even puts up with the obnoxious suitor they have hopes she will marry.  But she's more important things to do, such as making sure the band of ragtag orphans she's been looking after are kept safe, and...learning she is the Protector, a most powerful vampire hunter.  With strong shades of Buffy spun throughout, I never once thought, 'oh, this is too much like Buffy', but rather appreciated the similarities the young heroines possessed, and the differences the author gave her slayer by interweaving interesting historical detail and a keen view into the young girl's mind.  Nicole jumps into vampire slaying with enthusiasm, and caution, finding she's been ready for this all her life, and seemingly, the friends she's chosen are also prepared to help her on her journey.
The delightful cast of orphans are bright and unique, and the relationships between the slayer and her friends are touching and heartfelt.  Nicole's nanny is also her teacher and a witch, and I love the relationship between the two as the student struggles for independence, and earns it by story's end.  The mysterious and tragic Ashe possesses all the standard makings of a vampire romance hero, while being complicated and interesting.
To judge by the title, you may be expecting zombies with parts dangling and a fetish for fresh human meat, but you won't find them here.  Nor will you find the famous Mesmer.  The villain uses mesmerism to create an army of zombie-like soldiers to achieve his evil goal.  A decidedly breathtaking, and action-packed ending brings the tale to a satisfying end, and it will leave you wanting to know how soon before the next installment in Nickie Nick's adventures comes out.  A story for young adults and adults alike.  And exciting read that will keep you up well into the night clicking through the digital pages.


Rain Maiden said...

My Frankenstein was a great read. I will have to check this out as well.

Angie G said...

Looks good! Wish Barnes & Noble had a Nook copy of this.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a great review!

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