Saturday, September 10, 2011


This little book, VAMPIRES' MOST WANTED by Laura L. Enright is packed with delicious details and facts about vampires.  The subtitle is: The Top 10 Book of Bloodthirsty Biters, Stake-Wielding Slayers, and Other Undead Oddities.  Trust me, this is more than a simple book of top 10 lists.  In fact, the author crams so much information into each list, you'll have fun learning a few things you probably don't already have to your vampire arsenal.
But there are so many compendium books about vampires out there, you say.  Well yes, there are.  But this one is different, taking a focused, but fun, look at some topics such as: Vampire Powers, Vamp related music, Literature, Board games, Sexy vamps, Renfields, graphic vamps, and much more.  Each chapter, or 'list' of top 10s, is short, but the entries are detailed, especially regarding the history and mythology of vampires.  Some are just for fun, such as the lists of screen vampires and sexy vampires.
Well worth the read, check your knowledge on vampires against this book!

VampChix is giving away the review copy of this book.  To be entered to win, just leave a comment below.  Tell us a fact about vampires that fascinates you!


Andrea C said...

There are so many fascinating facts about vampires, but what's true and what's just made up by vampires to confuse and fool us *winks*

Jo's Daughter said...
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YzhaBella's BookShelf said...

I love all the misconceptions we mere humans have when it comes to knowing what we think we know about vampires!

Thanks for the chance to win!

J.D. said...

There's so many things about vampires that are fascinating, it's hard to pick one!

Besides what's been mentioned above, I think it's all the myths and lore that really intrigues me. Do they really need dirt from their home land to survive? What about only drinking from the opposite sex?

Thanks for the chance to win.