Thursday, April 18, 2013

Review: From the Ashes by Simone Snaith

Book description:
Imagine that every sixteen years, you died and started over, with no memory of the past. Could true love ever find you? Only if it were immortal.

In 1915, a coven of vampires attacked the town of Fairville, MA, the disappearances making headlines. Sixteen-year-old Lundy Guillory and the boy who loved her, Harlan Wallace, discovered the culprits, so the vampires devised a cruel punishment: Lundy was cursed to die and be reborn every sixteen years, each time retaining no memory of her past lives. Harlan was turned into a vampire, so that, immortal, he would be tortured with the task of finding her again in every new life, and telling her their story. Over ninety years later, Lundy Lawson and her parents move into Fairville, one month before her sixteenth birthday, with desperate hopes that the doctors there will be able to help Lundy, whose health has been diminishing steadily.

But Lundy begins to have strange dreams. First there seems to be a ghost in the library, trying to reach her; then a stranger shows up at her window at night - Harlan, unearthly, impossibly pale and sharp-teethed, and madly in love with her. It's Lundy's first lifetime back in the town where it all began, and this time she and Harlan have their chance to break the vampire's curse.
Jenny's review:
Lundy is a sick young lady. Her parents have done all they can to try to find out what is wrong with her and how they can fix it, but it seems there is no cure for her. As a last effort they are moving again to find a new clinic that might help. Lundy thinks the new house she lives in is sort of strange, but loves that it has an upstairs library full of books. One night Lundy wakes to find a boy staring in her window, but the story he tells her is stranger than that. Harlan tells her that he has been trying to find her, that she is his lost love cursed to continue to die each year when she turns sixteen. They were once boyfriend and girlfriend and they stumbled upon some vampires, these vampires changed Harlan into the vampire he is and cursed Lundy to forever die at sixteen. Lundy is shocked! But they decide to work together to find a way to break the curse forever.
I liked this story for the cursed love story that it was. I rooted for Lundy to find a way to stay alive this time and not die, and wanted them to figure out a way to be together. I am a sucker for happy ending love stories. The writing style was good, but because the story was so short it was hard to really get to know the characters. I felt that the characters descriptions were just on the surface, and I didn’t really know anything about them. It is a perfect read for high school age, and hopefully there will be another book, because the ending was quite fast and left me wondering what happens to them next. 

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