Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Review: History of the Timelaws by Marise Ghorayeb

Book description:
A Desperate Race Against Time.

Fifteen-year-old Elizabeth enjoys movies, teasing her older brothers, and pulling pranks with friends. She is also a member of a secret group of magic-wielding time travelers. However, when the rules that govern time travel are broken, chaos ensues and it is up to her to restore the Timelaws. As her enemies, the Wizards, and her allies, the Darks, scramble back and forth throughout time to claim victory in an ancient war, her past changes, as does her memory of it. Can Elizabeth make sense out of mayhem before it is too late? If she doesn’t, her home, her family, and the universe will be destroyed.
Jenny's review:
Elizabeth is a time traveler who has been given the duty of protecting the Timelaws. These laws were put in place to make sure that no one could go back and forth in time just to make their life turn out the way that they want them to. She lives with her brothers, because her parents have died, and she feels bad because they do not quite understand her place in time travel. She has much on her shoulders, as she is the one that must protect the timelaws when she travels through time. During one of her travels with her boyfriend, Anton, they find out that the Timelaws have been taken out and they must find a way to reinstate them. But they will face powerful wizards and constant time travel to do so, they also might be torn apart.
I thought that this book had a very fun and interesting concept, who doesn’t like a little magic and time travel, mixed with a mystery boyfriend. I liked that the character Elizabeth was a fantastic female lead, who was strong an likeable. However...
I don’t know why but I really just felt like I was missing something with the book. It was interesting, it had action, had good characters, but it just wasn’t something I got into. The time kept changing to all different years (anywhere from 1980s to the year 2184) and I just couldn’t get a grasp on what was happening when.  I believe it is written for about high school age. 


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Thank you very much for your review Jenny! I really appreciate your having taken the time to read and review HotT. :)